Academic Update from Colorado Camp

Veteran teachers Viv Buckley and Dave Chamberlain are in Colorado making sure our athletes get the support they need to keep their academics strong while they train.  Here are the photos to prove it!

img_3345 u14-study-hall

Dave Chamberlain is assisting the new Winter Term students with their English work for Jim Norton’s class.  The 8th graders are assimilating into the Burke culture and are working well together.

img_3337 img_3341

Viv Buckley is hard at work helping out the FIS women with their Physics work on elastic and inelastic collisions.  Lizzy’s solution to one of the problems should bring a smile to D.I.’s face!

img_3322 img_3319

Viv and the U-16 girls are hard at work on their math assignments.  It’s an eclectic mix of classes, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, all gathered around one table.  Viv is delivering a virtuoso performance, jumping from one topic to another seamlessly.  And the students  are engaging in true collaborative learning.  Witness Annaliese, an Algebra II student, assisting Maddie with her Algebra I.  


Viv and Dave get some well deserved time off from studying!