Academic Update

Our student-athletes have had an excellent start to the first academic block of the new school year.  Teachers and students have been working hard both in and out of class.  Here are a few examples of the learning being done around campus:

Statistics- Small groups of students are matching histograms to box and whisker plots and the summary statistics that go with them.

Algebra 2-Students are collecting and analyzing data in order to write mathematical models.  They are using GeoGebra, Fathom and graphing calculators to analyze the data and interpret their models.

Art Class- in living color… Art 1 students are creating their own color wheels with acrylic paints for our unit on Color and Light Theory. Color and light are the two most basic concepts, and generally have the most impact, in the visual arts. Understanding their basics and knowing how to use and manipulate them helps students expand their understanding of both the art and science of color and light and teaches them the basic skills for creating their own art works. Plus, painting is fun!

United States History-Students are analyzing George Washington’s Farewell Address in preparation for their second essay of the year on the political choices during the Early Republic.

French 4/5- Students are brainstorming vocabulary for their own cooking shows in French

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