Our seven classrooms located around campus and the library in Frazier are as individual as the student-athletes who fill them on a daily basis. Standard humanities, language, and math rooms have tables that can be arranged to the instructor’s liking to create circles, small groups, or individual work stations. All the rooms have expansive white boards and contain projectors or flat panel televisions, and may have spectacular views of the campus and surrounding area.

The library, which contains a wide assortment of fiction and nonfiction books that students frequently access during scheduled Reading Period, is outfitted with several desktop computers and hardwire ports for internet use in addition to the wireless network. In conjunction with the student center on the other side of the building, the library serves as a secondary meeting space for large groups.

The science center lab and adjacent classroom both have document cameras and projectors. Hands-on activities are a critical component of our science classes, and students are able to replicate nearly all standard lab experiments along with some unique to Burke.

We seek to encourage a strategic approach towards technology that fosters a process of ongoing innovation while remaining true to our core values as a human centric institution. This is evident in our art room which contains computers and projectors but also serves as a gallery for the hand-crafted work of students including drawings, paintings, and mosaics.

Our goal is to prepare our students with the 21st century skills required for success to work remotely, to succeed in college, and to be lifelong learners. We foster a community that uses technology to support face-to-face interactions and to promote an environment where all members of the school have the technological skills, support and network to innovate. All students are strongly encouraged to bring a personal laptop computer to access course materials and complete online assessments both at school and while traveling.