Full Year

The Full Year program consists of two semesters of academic study over the course of nine months combined with year-round athletic management of student-athletes who are outstanding individuals in terms of academic motivation, self-discipline, maturity, and self-responsibility. While preparing for the highest level of athletic competition, our Full Year student-athletes learn to deal positively with hard work, high goals, tight daily schedules, and the stress that often accompanies such pursuits. Simultaneously, they engage in the rigors of college preparatory coursework and are encouraged to develop a sense of purpose in a positive, close-knit community based on trust.

Winter Term

Our Winter Term program is an excellent transition for prospective students who hope to attend our Full Year program once eligible. Winter Term is a 5-month experience for students in 8th and — in some exceptional circumstances — 9th grade. Winter Term is intended as an opportunity to become familiar with Burke before committing to the Full Year program. This offers prospective students, their families, and the BMA staff the ability to determine whether or not Burke is the right fit for interested student-athletes.

  • A student may only enroll in one Winter Term before applying for a Full Year position.
  • FIS athletes are required to participate in BMA’s Full Year program in order to maximize the benefits of our rigorous strength and conditioning program, establish important relationships within the community, and make the most of a continuous academic program.


Our Post-Graduate program is designed to give elite student-athletes of outstanding character and ability a unique opportunity to further their athletic careers immediately following high school graduation. PGs at Burke are integrated into the athletic program (incorporating into the appropriate coaching group), academic program (taking one to three courses), and the school community at-large (serving as a leader on the hill, in the classroom, and in dormitories). The program runs from the start of the school year through April, as PGs typically depart campus after their final competition trip of the winter. Post-Graduate applicants should:

  • Be at a legitimate athletic level to potentially be named to the World Juniors Team.
  • Have demonstrated superior leadership skills and attributes at previous school and/or ski programs.

As with all admissions to Burke, acceptance into the Post-Graduate program is extremely selective.

International Students

International student-athletes are an important part of the Burke community. We currently have 11 student-athletes who represent Canada, Norway, Chile, and Australia. All international candidates are encouraged to visit BMA. If this is not possible, please communicate with the Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid to arrange an alternative.

In addition to the requisite application materials, international students who apply and are accepted to BMA will need to file additional paperwork in order to obtain a foreign student visa permitting an extended stay in the United States. The Director Enrollment and Financial Aid will provide additional details on the process upon acceptance.

Midweek Training (no academic component)

The Midweek Training program provides the level of athletic engagement we believe necessary for younger athletes to be considered prospective BMA student-athletes in the future. Groups of U14 and U12 athletes work on both technical and tactical skill acquisition and gate training on Tuesday-Friday afternoons starting just after lunchtime during the winter. There is no academic component offered with this program, and the application process is separate from that of the school.


For more details, contact:

Tory Amorello

Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid  |  802.427.8013