U12 / U14 Development Team


Burke Mountain Academy U12/U14 Development Team (formerly Midweek Program)


Program Structure

The Development Team is the BMA-affiliated program bridging the gap between weekend training and full academy involvement. BMA begins enrolling students in 8th grade, so the Development Team is oriented toward U12s and U14s in 5th, 6th and 7th grade who are on a trajectory to consider a ski academy.



Development Team members exhibit strong drive and commitment to ski racing. They’re excited about getting better and faster, and focused on learning as much as possible. The coaches of the Development Team are focused on Long-Term Development (LTD) in order to set these athletes on the path to success in their ski racing careers. Development Team athletes will spend a lot of time talking about and working on their technique and their fundamentals. The BMA U12/U14 Development Team program is structured to provide strong technical progression combined with the requisite skiing volume to support a trajectory consistent with entry into a full time ski-racing academy at the U14/U16 age.

Along with daily warm-up, a methodical training plan and individual and group video, the Development Team builds in time for group discussion around the physical and mental side of ski racing. Much of the focus through this program is on the process, and keeping a positive training environment to make learning fun. The athletic progression is focused around skill development and individual progression, utilizing all the resources of our environment: world-class GS, SL and Super G training venues at Burke Mountain, directed freeskiing and drills, and when we’re lucky enough, powder days!

Development Team coaches, athletes and parents are expected to uphold the standards of responsibility and ownership associated with Burke Mountain Academy and as outlined in the Guide to Philosophy and Community Values.


Logistics and Schedule

Development Team athletes are encouraged to attend two prep-period camps in advance of the ski season.

Anticipated Camp Schedule

August Mt Hood Oregon, 8 days on snow, Aug 11-21, est. $2500

November Colorado, 8 days on snow, Nov 9-20, est. $2500

In season

Development Team meets Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons 12:30-4, and weekends from 9am-2pm.


Development Team does not include an academic component, although we have a roster of tutors who have successfully supported our Development Team student-athletes in the past. It also does not include housing.