U14 Athletic Only Program

The “U14 Athletic Only” program is focused on helping U14 athletes who are in the 6th and 7th grade strive to reach an appropriate level of skiing to qualify for admission to BMA as an 8th grade student. Working alongside enrolled winter term BMA 8th graders, this program offers athletes the athletic programming of the enrolled students without the academic or boarding components, as BMA does not currently support academic programming prior to the 8th grade. Athletes of the U14 Athletic Only program are viewed as being on a trajectory to pursue a ski academy environment, exhibiting strong drive and commitment to alpine ski racing.


Having shown prior success, commitment, and drive, these athletes form a team with the U14’s enrolled at BMA. They are expected to uphold the same standards of responsibility, accountability, and ownership associated with the BMA culture and values. This program will spend ample time discussing/practicing techniques and fundamental skills, structured toward technical development. This combines with a skiing volume progression necessary to assume these skills in order to achieve the highest levels of accomplishment in this age group.

The U14 Athletic Only program varies in size year to year, and all participants must apply and obtain acceptance for participation. These athletes form a cohesive group with enrolled students, and the size and make-up of the group will depend on the number of 8th grade BMA student-athletes each year.

2019-20 Schedule & Programming:

Program Dates:

  • November 27th – April 5th
  • Participation in pre-season Colorado camp is required, November 10th-22nd
  • Other prep-period camps are offered each year, and participation is highly recommended for at least one camp outside of the November camp.

Daily Schedule: Training alongside full time 8th grade academy athletes, on a schedule consisting of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings (9am-12pm), Friday afternoon (1pm-4pm), and weekend training or racing.

The U14 Athletic Only program includes transportation to/from regional races and projects, dryland programming, video sessions and team meetings, and occasional lunches in the BMA dining hall. There is no academic component to this program, however BMA has a roster of tutors who have successfully supported our student-athletes in the past.


The U14 Athletic Only Program runs at a flat fee of $9,500 for the season. Camps, projects, and competition travel are billed separately, and are inclusive of all expenses related to the trip.


Please reach out to Mardi Haskell, mhaskell@burkemtnacademy.org for application details and information.