Alumni Embrace Pyeongchang Olympics Culture On and Off Snow

 Team USA Nordic skier Liz Stephen ’05, Trevor Kahl ’13 , Team USA Alpine skier Nolan Kasper ’07, and Wyatt Mckibben ’07 in Pyeongchang.

BMA alumni Wyatt Mckibben and Trevor Kahl took advantage of the Pyeongchang Olympics to explore South Korean culture and cheer along Team USA along the way, including fellow alumni Nolan Kasper ’07, Liz Stephen ’05 and Ida Sargent ’06.

They share their adventures below.


Hello Burkies!

We had an awesome trip to Pyeongchang. We spent a couple days in Seoul before heading over to the Games. While we were there we saw as much of the city as possible, hiked the tallest mountain in the area and familiarized ourselves with the food and language as best we could. 

After 3 nights in Seoul, we hopped on the high-speed train to Gangneung on the east coast of SK. Gangneung hosted the hockey, curling and skating events. 

The first night we took the train into the mountains where we met up with Nolan for a Good Morning America bit which was quite funny. Nolan was the star of the night, but Trev and I really shined showing off our personable sides. We made quicks friends with the other athletes on set as well as the host and producers making it known that Burkies are truly some the best people around.

The following day we caught a couple hockey games. The first of which was the US Men winning in tournament play. We were named the super fans of the game and given access to the following day’s Medal ceremony due to our outburst of country pride. The second game we got to see the eventual gold medal contenders from Germany play.

The next day we went to the Women’s DH. While we were on the hill before the race started we saw Mikaela, she seemed pretty surprised to see us. After the women’s DH, we met up with Nolan’s dad and headed to the XC venue. We were right on the barriers with Liz and Ida watching the Women’s XC team sprint as Jesse and Kikkan won gold which was a very cool moment and the highlight of the trip for us.

The next day we headed up to the SL hill to watch Nolan’s race. He had a little mistake on his first run it didn’t end up being a great day for US SL skiing. After the race, we were able to spend some time with Nolan and watch Mikaela win silver in the combined. We also were able to witness US Women’s hockey win gold at the P&G house with a bunch of Americans which was very fun. That night we had dinner at the USA house with Nolan and a ton of other USA athletes from a bunch of different sports. We can confirm that Julia Mancuso has possible future in curling as we talked strategy with her during the men’s semifinal match.

The next day we got back on a train for Seoul and flew home.

Wyatt and Trevor