Alumnus Dr. Jim Taylor ’76 Visits BMA



I visited Burke in August to launch BMA’s first truly comprehensive, structured, and consistent mental training program for its athletes and coaches. This program has been a dream of mine for years and, thanks to the RBC’s high performance initiative, under the direction of Darrell Gray, and the support of Jory and some generous donors, it is now a reality. My mental training program involves a 6-week online course, coaches education, on-snow time this winter with the students, and ongoing contact throughout the school year.

My three days at Burke were awesome! There is a great vibe on campus and I felt welcomed and valued. I met with the kids and the coaches several times and all of the meetings were fun and lively. One morning I rode to the top of Burke with TK (a real grind; the ride, not the company!). Another morning I joined the athletes for a core workout (pretty hard). And then Darrell ordered me to go for an MTB ride on the Kingdom Trails system. I rode along Darling ridge and it was awesome! It was Burke at its best and it brought back so many wonderful memories.

I have been a part of Burke for more than 40 years (yikes!) and it is as special a place now as it was when I arrived there as a small and intimidated 13 year old. After all these years, I still feel a deep connection with Burke and am thrilled to be able to reconnect and give back in a way I care so much about.

Dr. Jim Taylor ’76

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