Burke Mountain Work on High Speed T-Bar Underway

Work on the new high-speed T-Bar gets underway.
Photo by Crosby Coughlin, current parent and midweek program coach.


On August 22, Burke Mountain received its first shipment for the new, high-speed Leitner-Poma T-Bar. The shipment included the bullwheels and gearbox, and the mountain was able to start blasting on Warren’s Way. Burke expects two more shipments from Europe and one from Colorado to complete the project. The new, highly anticipated lift will replace the 60-year-old failing Poma.

This significant project is part of a series of investments for major training venue enhancements to be completed in time for the 2017-2018 ski season.

Other improvements include trail grading and the addition of terrain features on Warren’s Way, as well as the installation of new snowmaking on both Upper Doug’s Drop and the McHarg’s trail. BMA will also gain important training rights on McHarg’s, nearly doubling our training venue acreage.

These projects will significantly improve the quality and quantity of training offered to our student athletes. Our most important training asset and strategic advantage have always been the training hill and the high-speed turn-around the Poma afforded. The new t-bar will quintuple our hourly uphill capacity, speed turn-around time and provide the reliability of a brand new state of the art system. While we will miss our beloved, iconic Poma, we welcome the dramatic improvements the t-bar represents reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement as a program. The terrain features, grading, and addition of a second training trail will further enhance BMA’s historical training venue competitive advantage. No one in the country will have a better training venue.  These historic venue enhancements should prove to be an important differentiating factor for our BMA athlete’s skiing over the arc of their careers at Burke.