Burkies get into the holiday spirit!

BMA students kicked off the holidays with a shopping trip to purchase gifts for local children.  Shopping lists were compiled by HOPE, a local charity that supports families in need in the Northeast Kingdom.  BMA sponsored 21 children and one parent who had recently lost everything. Gifts included new sheets, socks, shoes, hats, mittens, pajamas, art supplies, sleds and of course some toys.  Other items were purchased to support HOPE’s backpack program that sends food home with children over the weekends  to ensure they are getting enough to eat when school is not in session. Thank you BMA students and families for your generous spirit that allowed us to raise over $3,500! Check out the slideshow below to see all the fun that was had. Happy Holidays everyone!

Kai and  Timmy
Madison and Connor
Lizzy, Sophie, Madison, Christian, Cole, Matt and Shamus
Paige Lexi Bridget Bay
 Patrick, Chase, Ian, Matt,  Josefine, Julia, Max, Oliver, Will
Patrick, Max, Matt, Ian, Julia and Josefine
Yale and Sven
Avery, Celeste, McKenna and Lili
Will and Chase
Bay and Lexi
 Oliver Chase Will
Connor, Cole and Sam
Bri and Andrew
Connor, Cole and Lindley
Chase, Viv and Will
Paige, Lexi, Anna, Bay and Celeste
McKenna, Lili and Avery
Andrew, Bri and Lindley
Maggie and Gigi
Chris, Ryan and Matt