When your child becomes a Burkie you, too, become a part of the vibrant Burke Mountain Academy community as parents. Although it can be a process full of questions and some degree of uncertainty at the beginning, there are welcoming veteran families happy to offer advice or lend a hand. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to what Phil and Lucy Sheils have to say about the experience of sending their four children to Burke.

“We have been a part of the BMA community for 12 years, and have a total of 17 student-years at Burke. One year, three of our four kids were there, and Paul, our youngest, was always welcome. During these years, we have witnessed many positive changes on campus, all possible because of the generosity of current and former parents, alumni, and staff members who have been crucial in sustaining this small school and supporting this unique community.

Perhaps the biggest change we notice on the campus is not structural, but truly personal: there are more adults living on campus, working shoulder to shoulder with students throughout their days at Burke. These are the teachers, coaches, and staff members who model a behavior and an approach to life that your children will notice and emulate. This mixture of nurturing adults and passionate student-athletes in a powerful force. If you are new to Burke, you will witness it and it will change you for the better. Burke’s atmosphere is one of deliberate inclusiveness, where students learn to pull themselves up without putting others down. The Burke spirit does not leave a Burkie when they leave campus, either for the night or for their next platform in life, and they are always welcome back.”

Lucy and Phil Sheils, Alumni Parents

Paul Sheils ’15, Charlie Sheils ’13, Catherine Sheils ’08, Hope Sheils WT ’08-’09