First Week of School Recap-Welcome back!

We just wrapped up our first week of school filled with many activities.  Alumni, you’ll recognize a few familiar scenes from knee-touch-squats to the beep test.  Click through this gallery to see what we were up to.

Maddy, Maggie, McKenna, Tatum, and Jack
Patrick, Jack, and Gray
What words describe the Burke process?
Why do we value the Burke process?
Students learn how to use the new learning management system Canvas
Lexi doing push ups
Matt H on vertical jump
Tatum on the agility T-test
Ian on pull-ups
With what seemed like the whole school cheering him on, Chris crushed the beep test
Kelsey, Anna, Alli
The girls before the test
The guys before the test
The lake was key for recovery post KTSs - Yale and Connor
The scene
Top of Pisgah
Bridget, McKenna, Lizzy, Alli overlooking Willoughby Lake
Isabel, Char, Julia, Megan and Lili overlooking Willoughby Lake
Rope swing!
Rope swing!
Group jump (with Darrell too)!
Chase, Jack and Andrew