Health Insurance Plan

All eligible full-time BMA staff members are eligible for the BMA Health Insurance Plan. Health insurance becomes effective for new employees upon hire and completion of required enrollment paperwork. Insurance benefits will terminate on June 30th for those staff who are not returning to BMA at the end of the school year, or earlier for any staff departing during a school year. If you are not returning you will be allowed the opportunity to continue your health insurance benefits under COBRA .  Refer to the BMA Employee Handbook for further information

COBRA Informational Document

The BMA Health Plan is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Vermont Plan and is administered through VEHI (Vermont Education Health Initiative).  For plan resources please click here.

VEHI information benefit guide (located on VEHI site).  

Employees’ contributions to the Health Plan premium via payroll deduction is indicated below.  Premiums vary depending on whether there is individual or family coverage.  Contact the Head of School or Human Resources for further information.

Years of ServiceIndividualFamily
Years of ServiceIndividualFamily

VEHI’s premiums and health plan designs run on a fiscal year basis, July 1- June 30.

Current Rates for July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021:

PlanSingleSelf+SpouseParent +
Gold CDHP$726.60$1,364.59$1,123.35$2,012.69
Silver CDHP$636.61$1,273.24$1,073.16$1,811.60
*Employees enrolled in these plans are not eligible for BMA's Health 
Savings Account.

Employee out-of-pocket costs (OOP) are tracked on a calendar basis, from January 1-December 31, and reset each January1.

BMA’s Open Enrollment Period occurs in November each year and becomes effective January 1st.

Contact for more information:

Marcia Redmond Berry                                                                         
Executive Assistant and Director of Human Resources                                 
c: 802.535.2750 | 60 Alpine Lane, East Burke, VT 05832 

Garrett Quimby
Business Office
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