Jane LeMasurier ’01

After college I got a job working as a ski coach at Middlebury College and at the same time I attended the Bread Loaf School of English in the summer. I subsequently met my (now) husband, Graham Webster, in Norwich, VT and moved to live in the Upper Valley. Along with my move, I transferred into the MALS program at Dartmouth to complete my Masters education (TBC!). At MALS I focused on both fiction and non-fiction writing. My passion for writing certainly lies in the non-fiction genre. Before my son was born in 2011, I worked at a publishing company called Nomad Press in White River Junction. Here I was able to contribute to some magazine articles, including Mount Sunapee Mag. I largely focused on ski-related issues, which of course intersected two of my passions – skiing and writing! I have since contributed here and there, but with the birth of my two children, my writing has taken a BIG backseat in the creative portion of my mind. Sometimes I wave to the writer in me in that way to say, “I still see you there!”

Kids will do this of course!! I have dabbled in blog writing and personal writing over the last few years. I love and appreciate the craft and know with certainty that I will circle back around to making it more a part of my routine as I age. Something I learned to appreciate at Burke is the art of reflection. For me that reflection has always taken the form of the written word. Term ends. English class with Terry and Tommy D. We were taught that our living fed our writing. Whether or not any of my current writing gets published in the future – I’m not sure if I desire that! But that’s also something we learned at Burke – the process we pour ourselves into has this artful way of transmuting into the outcome. Sometimes it’s the one we envisioned. Sometimes it’s not! And sometimes it’s the one we re-vision 🙂 We’re all working towards goals in life. Writing more often is my goal!! And publishing is too. But I have found it takes reflection to realize that whatever goals we have, the outcome is already embedded in the process. It’s our creative right to find out how that outcome wants to be processed 🙂

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