January Update


Dear BMA Community,

Just last week, I stood next to a US Ski Team coach at the top of the training hill, and he looked me in the eye and said: “This place is
legit.” The group just spent ten days here on the hill, in our dining hall, and working out in the RBC. Another USST coach mentioned to me “I can feel the positive energy in the dining hall.” The place worked so well for them; they skipped out one set of races to continue to train and soak in the BMA world.

Our month began with women’s NorAm races on the training hill. Having the series on the schedule pushed the mountain to cover all of Warren’s Way, and we had training off the top of the Poma six weeks earlier than the past few years. The event brought some of the best North American women to our venue.

Right now, we are hosting the U16 National Project Series (NPS). This series brings the best U.S. U16s together for training and racing. Our kids have had some good skiing (a 4th and 5th yesterday). Three of our girls were out sick or injured for that race; but between the NorAms and this series, our athletes could witness the challenge ahead of them.

On the men’s side, the excellent training helped a group prepare for the U19 NPS series at Waterville and Proctor where BMA athletes finished 1,4,6,7 for U18s in one race. We also had three different athletes reach the podium in their birth year during the series.

All of our groups have just finished a good training block and are heading into races series over the end of January.

Concurrently, the teachers used the NorAm week to write up mid-year narratives. The narrative process forms the core of our student learning experience. By reading the narratives students recognize growth and identify areas to improve. The purpose of the narrative is to get beyond ranking and focus on the authentic learning of each student.

Next in line our students will write their Term Ends. The kids write Term Ends twice/year. The self-reflection tool weaves with narratives and coaches’ evaluations to complete the loop for students as they work to “Know Thyself.” The process ends this month.

We are piloting a new weekly schedule in January that allows us to split into morning and afternoon training sessions to gain better training space for each of our groups. We will assess that schedule at the end of the month. We are also putting together the 2017-2018 school calendar.

Yesterday, we received 4” of new snow. It’s great to kick through the new flakes of a winter race season. Please send along any thoughts or questions.

Jory Macomber ’80
Head of School