Mid-Winter Academic Update

We may be a ski academy in the thick of a busy race season, but we are also going strong with our academics.  Here are some updates from the faculty on their classes:

Lindley’s Science Classes

In Biology students are literally flipping coins (using the law of probability) to predict the outcome of certain genetic traits.  The Chemistry students are finishing up a unit on Stoichiometry.  In lab they reacted Aluminum foil with Copper sulfate to determine the limiting reactant, how much excess reactant, and compare their actual product to their theoretical yield.  WT Geology is finishing their unit on Plate Tectonics.  Students used live GPS data in California to explore the rate and direction of movement of various stations on either side of the San Andreas Fault.

Viv’s Math Classes

Charlotte checks her practice with quadrilaterals in Geometry.  This is standard operating procedure.
Tests are still part of the equation in Algebra 1.  A brownie and some tea help Calvin get through his test on solving systems of equations while Georgie pushes through sans snacks.
Students in Algebra 2 are using a software program called Fluid Math and their knowledge of transformations to write equations for the graphs of rational functions. (2 pics).


Jim’s English Classes

The winter term students are writing and submitting 100 word short stories to http://www.100wordstory.org/ as practice in writing both creative and concise works.

The 10th, 11th, and 12th graders have finished the reading portion of their Winter Workshop project and are working on the writing component. They will produce a piece of formal writing connecting all of their works, a review of their book and film, and a creative or personal essay based on their book.


DI’s Calculus Class

This is Parker’s photo submitted on Canvas as proof of completion of the Calculus Shell Method assignment.  In the photo, Annie determines that the volume of revolution of f(x) = (x/2)sin(x/3)+10 around the y-axis makes for fashionable headwear, appropriate for a day touring around Easter Island.

Ben’s French Classes

In our recent French classes we continue to explore our “Act to Speak French” curriculum.  “Act” stands for an active, communicative and theatrical approach to developing fluency in French.  Over the last several weeks, students have been composing original scripts for their own plays in French.  In this picture French 4/5 students Jack, Christopher and Charlie are shown performing an original play by Jack.  The play describes a backwoods adventure where a fire gets out of control.  Thankfully Smokey the Bear makes a daring rescue!  Vive le Smokey!