Post Olympic Reflections: Australian Alpine Skier Harry Laidlaw ’14


Harry is third from the left with fellow Olympians from Team Australia.

Harry Laidlaw ’14 competed in his first Olympics in Pyeongchang representing his home country of Australia.

Below is a short summary of his experience that he shared with the BMA community.


Hello Burkies:

The Olympics was a crazy time for me. It was tough going in with a bad back injury but the people I met and the different culture I got to experience overrode all the disappointment I had towards my events.

I was curious going to South Korea with all that was happening in the world. I thought it would be quite tense but instead, it was very much the opposite. Seeing all the countries unite together was definitely a highlight of the trip.

There were so many moments where countries were hyped for others even though they didn’t get the gold. I even saw the North Korean cheerleading squad cheering for the US. It was cool to see and I’m super grateful I got to be a part of it.

After my events were done, I wanted to experience as much of Korea as I could. Given that most of the team members were pretty experienced surfers, as soon as they got word there were waves close by they organized a day trip within a couple days. It was super fun but insanely cold! They were saying the water was 4 degrees c, so I don’t think I will ever say I surfed in 4-degree water again!