BMA E-Team 2020-21

Applications Open from March 10 – April 1, 2020

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The Burke Mountain Academy (BMA) inaugural E-Team, formulated in 2019 for emerging national team track athletes, is well underway and BMA is pleased to announce our criteria and application for the 2020-21 year. The E-Team exists to bring together the top emerging alpine racing talent in the U.S. and cultivate a Top Gun like atmosphere that will accelerate the development curve for athletes trying to close the gap between high school/college skiing and true competitive international racing. BMA will provide world-class athletic programming and facilities for deserving athletes at a cost level that makes continuing to pursue “the dream” accessible.  We have raised money to offset 100% of the tuition and program fees for those that meet the highest level of criteria and 60% of the fees for those who are just outside of that band.

Our aim is to foster an environment where athletes are encouraged to continue to dream big about racing on a National Team and the World Cup. By leveraging our existing infrastructure and 50-year history as an innovator and pioneer in ski racing, we know that we can effectively deliver a truly world-class training opportunity at minimal cost.


The BMA E-Team offers qualified athletes an opportunity to continue to pursue their ski racing dreams post high school in a focused, structured, and supportive environment. The program is designed to support top emerging national team prospects who need additional time to develop their profile and the skill necessary to qualify for National Team recognition or elite NCAA competition as a step on that path. Acceptance and retention standards are rigorous, based on race results, achievement of physical standards, as well as displayed commitment and character.  Only the most dedicated individuals are encouraged to apply.

BMA has committed, for a second year, to operate this program for a highly selective group of individuals who are committed to exhausting every possibility to achieve their athletic goals. The program will be limited to a total of 12 athletes annually with a hard cap of 6 per gender. For the most qualified individuals, BMA will waive the tuition fees for the program entirely (see criteria below).

E-Team participants are expected to be the standard bearer for excellence at BMA as members of the Broader BMA community. Our facilities and resources, largely funded by undergraduate families, as well as donations from BMA and US ski racing supporters, have effectively subsidized the E-Team. In exchange for the unprecedented level of support, E-Team athletes are expected to be a “guiding light” for the undergraduates at BMA both indirectly as role models and directly as assigned mentors or assistant trainers on campus.

The program is designed to facilitate enough structure and oversight to ensure a positive culture yet recognize the appropriate freedoms necessary for young adults who have graduated high school. The E-Team provides a platform for continued personal growth in a healthy environment that fosters a high degree of personal responsibility coupled with intensive athletic programming.


Size: BMA will accept a maximum of 6 men and 6 women annually into the E-team program.

E-Team Coaching Staff:

Chad Wolk BMA Class of ‘94, Head Men’s Coach
B.A. University of Colorado, US Ski Team 1997
Chad is a two-time NCAA Team Champion and received multiple All-American honors. He has coached at Buck Hill, BMA, the Park City Ski Team, the US National Training Group (NTG), and the US Ski Team Europa Cup group and is a U.S. Ski and Snowboard Level 300 certified coach and PSIA level 3 certified instructor. Growing up in the small town of Dresbach, Minnesota, Chad started skiing at Mt. LaCrosse where he learned to love every part of skiing and racing.  It was this love that allowed him to work hard and have success that led him to BMA, the U.S. Ski Team, and the University of Colorado as an athlete.  As a coach he loves to help athletes learn, grow, and develop as athletes, students, and people.  He loves golf, his family, and is looking forward to what comes next.

Kyle Darling, Head Women’s Coach
BS Exercise Science University of Utah
Kyle is a USSA Level 300 and PSIA Level 3 certified coach. He has been coaching ski racing since 2007 after graduating from the University of Utah where he was a member of the ski team. Kyle’s coaching experience includes the U.S. Ski Team Men’s Europa Cup group, the 2014 Sochi Olympic Team, Eastern Regional Coach for USSA, Snowbird Ski Team, Stratton Mountain School and BMA.  Kyle grew up in Vermont where he developed his love for skiing and racing on the slopes of Stowe with the Mount Mansfield Ski Club. He is passionate about all things outdoors, especially mountain biking and hiking. He lives close to campus with his wife, Steph, and their Siberian Husky, Kona.

Housing: The E-Team men and women will have housing in the Moulton Dorm on the BMA campus. This dorm will be made available exclusively to the post-graduates and offers fully furnished housing walking distance to the dining hall, RBC (gym), and Burke Mountain.

The dorm has two attached faculty apartments that will offer support to the E-Team. As post-graduates, the E-Team will not have any check-in or check-out responsibilities and will be able to come and go as they please.

Campus Use: E-Team athletes will utilize BMA campus facilities including the RBC, GTC, Dining Hall, and Training Venues.

E-Team Program Cost

There are two qualification thresholds for the E-Team: “Pay to Play” and “Tuition Free.” See below for the cost breakdown of both qualifications.

1. Pay 2 Play Tuition $20,000

Tuition includes room, board, coaching, season’s pass at Burke Mountain, use of facilities, and in-region transportation costs. Tuition does not include camps, projects, race fees, and/or associated out-of-region travel.

2. Tuition Free

A maximum of 3 individuals per gender may qualify for free tuition annually and must meet the below outlined criteria. Free tuition will only be granted to qualifying athletes and in the event that more than 3 athletes per gender qualify, the top 3 of applicants will be selected to receive the free tuition.

Tuition includes room, board, coaching, season’s pass at Burke Mountain, use of facilities, and in region transportation costs. Tuition does not include camps, projects, race fees, and/or associated out of region travel.

*Need-Based Financial Aid

The BMA E-Team program is highly subsidized by the school in an effort to make keeping the dream of high achievement in the sport of ski racing alive. No additional need-based financial aid is available for this program. A number of outside resources for financial aid are available through the T2 Foundation, VARA, etc.


The below-outlined criteria for application describe the minimum qualifications required to apply for the E-Team program. Applicants will be subject to an interview prior to final acceptance. All final acceptances will be made at the sole discretion of BMA. 

  1. PHYSICAL TESTS STANDARD: In order to participate, applicants must pass the physical test standard outlined in the USSA SkillsQuest Fitness Manual. Female applicants must score 550+ points, and Male applicants must score 700+ points by BMA’s fall physical testing date (TBD).
  2. CHARACTER REFERENCE: Applicants must submit two recommendations for references of character:
    1. Peer Recommendation
    2. Coaches Recommendation

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS FOR Pay 2 Play: Applicants must meet the following minimum World Ranking qualifications according to their year of birth by the final FIS Points list of the season in order to be considered for the 2020/21 E-Team.

QUALIFICATIONS FOR TUITION FREE: Applicants must meet the following minimum World Ranking qualifications according to their year of birth by the final FIS Points list of the season in order to qualify for participation free of tuition.

4. APPEAL: In the case of individuals who are unable to meet the objective criteria due to injury or other circumstances, they may apply with an appeal for special circumstances.


  • HONESTY and TRUST: All E-Team athletes are expected to adhere to the BMA Honor Code and commit to leading an existence consistent with dedication to the highest possible athletic achievement.
    • No drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vaping, etc. are permissible at any time.
    • E-Team participants have their own dorm facility and are expected to maintain it in a clean and presentable manner at all times.
    • There are no Dorm Checks for E-Team participants and they may come and go from the campus without checking in or out (no Reach Boarding.)
  • SAFE:
    • E-Team athletes are allowed to have a car on campus but may not offer rides to BMA students at any time.
  • ACTIVE LEADERS: E-Team athletes are expected to be active leaders in the BMA community at all times but must participate in a formalized mentorship or training program including but not limited to:
    • RBC assistant: Assist HP staff in organizing and conducting strength and conditioning training for underclassmen.
    • GTC Assistant: Assist GTC technician in ski preparation and training for underclassmen.
    • JR Program Coaching, Coaching Certificate Program
    • Teaching assistants / tutoring / study hall proctoring

For more information please contact:

Mardi Haskell ’12

Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid  |  802.427.8013