U14 Program

Please complete this Google Interest form to be invited to a webinar on March 4 at 5:00 pm to learn more about the 21/22 U14 Program. This webinar will be recorded and posted on this page for future viewing.

Central to BMA’s youth development system, the Burke Mountain Academy U14 Program is designed to foster the athletic pursuits, academic support, and cultural philosophy that inspiring young student-athletes need to achieve their goals and ambitions.

The Mission:

Geared towards a seamless progression between junior level skiing and academy level programming, BMA’s U14 Program provides passionate young student-athletes a robust year-round schedule to this preparatory stage. By creating a platform for success and opportunity, athletes will set forth in pursuits of elite-level alpine ski racing and/or lifelong love for the sport.


  1. Ensure elevated athletic programming and youth development at a world-class level
  2. Provide a high quality athletic and academic experience for all athletes
  3. Equip young student-athletes with tools and abilities to face challenges and achieve lifelong goals
  4. Encourage the BMA honor code and value system to support strong character development
  5. Actively prepare athletes for ownership and accountability of their own performance

Supporting Strategies:

  1. Offer a 7th and 8th grade academic component
  2. Follow the BMA Sports Plan at the U14 level
  3. Create team culture and camaraderie in which every individual thrives
  4. Recruit, develop, and retain high-quality instructional leaders and coaches
  5. Effectively utilize the resources of BMA and its support network

Program Elements:

Athletics– To dedicate year-round athletic programming in the form of dryland training sessions and camps, prep-period camps and projects, early/late season on hill training, and a supporting in-season schedule to the Northern Vermont Council (NVC) and broader race calendars. By following the Burke Mountain Academy Sports Plan, the year-long calendar will support the optimal amount of prep-period days, in-season training/racing, and off-season fitness standards that this age group needs in order to achieve high-level youth development and to compete among the best peers in the world.

Academics– The academic component is designed specifically to support and engage 7th and 8th grade students who seek participation in the BMA U14 Program’s athletic pursuits. The curriculum, even though it may differ slightly from a sending school, is constructed to meet and be delivered consistently with standards of these grades. The BMA academic team will inclusively work with incoming families and sending school teachers to ensure that students are properly prepared for transition from/to the sending school. At its core, the supporting U14 academic program aims to engage individuals in student-centered and research-based studies of Math, Social Studies, Science, and English. Students will have the opportunity to participate in experiential, project-based, and interdisciplinary learning initiatives throughout the year.

Culture– Strive to build team culture focused on a shared sense of values and goals, integrity, respect, and ownership. Introduce principles that align with those of BMA character and athletic development, which elevate student-athletes to become successful individuals in all future pursuits. The process of seeking excellence through accountability guides an understanding of true ownership for all training, competition, and lifelong performances.

Program Fee:

BMA U14 Program: $19,500*

  • Year-round athletic programming detailed in the linked schedule**(dryland training sessions and camps, prep-period camps, early/late season on hill training, and a supporting in-season race schedule)
  • Academic schedule for 7th and 8th grade from November 1 – April 15, 2022
  • Non-residential program

BMA U14 Program Athletic Only: $9,500

  • Year-round athletic programming detailed in the linked schedule** (dryland training sessions and camps, prep-period camps***, early/late season on hill training, and a supporting in-season race schedule)
  • Non-residential program

Need-Based Financial Aid is available to qualifying applicants for the academic component of the BMA U14 Program.

* Athletic Scholarships are available for the ski component of the BMA U14 Program.

More information on how to apply for financial aid or athletic scholarships will be available once the official application has been published

**Proposed schedule is a draft and subject to change. Specific camp dates, race dates, and supporting dryland and in-season schedule TBD.

***Prep-period camp costs not included in program fee. Due to the inherent goals of the program, attendance at one summer and one fall camp is required.

Please complete this Google Interest form to be invited to a webinar on March 4 at 5:00 pm to hear the U14 overview for the 21/22 season. This webinar will be recorded and posted on this page for future viewing.


Programming Questions: 
Diann Roffe ’85

BMA Junior Program Director

Financial Aid Questions:
Mardi Haskell ’12

Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid