Ronnie Berlack Center November Update


Sunset on the RBC!

Update from Darrell Gray, BMA’s High Performance Director

When we announced the plans for the Ronnie Berlack Center 18 months ago, the typical response from many alumni was “no way, does that mean no more leg routines, timed hikes, gully work or field circuits?”

My immediate response was “skiing is an outdoor sport and our training will continue to be conducted outside as well.” Not to worry, leg routines and the like are a staple ingredient of our fall training.

The reality here is that the RBC will allow additional training, especially during the long, dark months of winter. In fact, the whole school will be able to train together under one roof no matter what the weather. For a community that enjoys shared “laughter, sweat and tears” this is a big deal.


Here’s the latest on the construction status…

  • Exterior construction will wrap up next week with a little more work left to do on the drive, tennis court and front lawn areas.
  • Water and electrical services were connected this week and are in full working order.
  • The radiant floor is charged and is now providing heat to the building.
  • Interior finishes are moving along nicely. Painters have completed the downstairs will finish up the mezzanine area by the 16th.
  • Rubber tile and carpet are complete on the first floor and will move up to the mezzanine and classroom next week.
  • Contractors will start the installation of the rubber flooring and indoor turf on November 18th.
  • We anticipate being able to move furnishings and equipment into the facility starting the week after Thanksgiving.

Sunset from the new ATC space. Adam Perrault officially has the nicest office at BMA!


In addition to a great new indoor training facility, a beautiful by product of the RBC is another 10 feet of vertical on the hill above the soccer field. Can you say “uphill diagonal bounding”?