The BMA environment for U16 athletes has three components, which we refer to as the legs of the Burke stool, that are central to our overarching philosophy:

  • An expanded opportunity for alpine ski racing and training
  • A strong academic core
  • Involvement in the larger BMA community

We offer our Full Year program (late August-early June) to U16 athletes in eighth, ninth, and tenth grades.

In addition to the racing season, U16 athletes are encouraged to participate in two to three preparatory camps in the summer and fall. Our June and August camps focus on directed free skiing, technical fundamentals, and skill acquisition. Our third camp — held in Colorado in early November —marks the beginning of the traditional season and also incorporates technical refinement and tactical gate training.

In season, our athletes compete in the Northern Vermont Council of the Vermont Alpine Racing Association, from which they can qualify to regional and national US Ski and Snowboard projects and races like Eastern Championships, Can-Am/Am-Can, and U16 National Championships.

See more detailed explanations of all our program offerings here.