Athletic Development

At BMA, training and racing are strategically managed to maximize each athlete’s potential for success. As firm believers in the benefits of periodized training, we prioritize adequate rest and thorough preparation over simply chasing races. All athletes train on-snow 35 – 45+ days in the summer and early fall in preparation for the season. Burkies compete across the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Europe and South America. In addition to on-snow training and competition, we also deliver effective dryland training monitored by physical testing year-round.

In the fall, athletes complete a physical testing assessment in the very first days of school that is monitored over the course of the year. Many of our alpine and Nordic athletes participate on our men’s and women’s soccer teams each fall which practice and then play, on average, six games against other Vermont high school varsity teams. Some of our traditional dryland workouts include Olympic lifting, field circuits, timed hike, mountain biking, dirt road and trail runs, and core and balance routines. Burkies seek variety in our training both on- and off-snow for challenges that will help us reach our full potentials. Come see some of our favorite workouts — we suspect you’ll be impressed.

Elle Anderson - '07

Passion for Skiing can also lead to passion for other sports. Although her skiing career was cut short by injuries, Dartmouth College graduate Anderson picked up a cyclocross bike and never looked back. Following in the footsteps of fellow BMA alumna Amy Dombroski, Anderson recently signed with the professional KDL Cycling Team based in Belgium. With a U.S. National Championships silver medal in her collection and a 15th-place finish at the 2014 World Championships, the sky is the limit for this hardcore bike racer.