Full Year BMA

Burke Nordic establishes training progressions for athletes that become increasingly individualized as they move through the program. Athletes learn to appreciate small gains as they relate to the larger picture, to recognize the feedback one’s body gives about training, and to effectively manage their time and schedules. At each step of our program, there is an opportunity for athletes to take ownership of their training and make their experience at Burke of the highest quality.

Racing trips are an essential part of the Burke program as they provide our athletes the benefits of connections, friendships, and extended training opportunities across the globe. For four weeks every fall, BMA Nordic lives, skis, and participates in early season training and racing in the Western U.S. This trip allows for a period of transition from dryland to on-snow training while skiing with other top juniors from around the country. We also travel internationally each summer to ensure athletes have valuable on-snow training during the summer months.

Over the years we’ve traveled to Scandinavia where we’ve established connections in both Sweden and Norway that allow us to work closely with three different ski academies, train with local clubs, take part in testing and observation within the sport science department of a Swedish university, and compete in a pre-World Cup race series in Bruksvallarna, Sweden. For any student interested in spending a year abroad as a skier, the Scandinavia trip is a valuable, in-depth introduction to cultural immersion. In addition to the Scandinavia trip, we also offer training opportunities at camps in New Zealand, Canada, and across the US.

Nordic Mid-Week Program

BMA Nordic will host free open Wednesday training sessions for any local athlete interested in getting in an extra cardio session during the winter, learning some Nordic technique, or experiencing BMA training firsthand. These sessions will take place on Wednesday afternoons throughout the winter and also include alpine junior weekday program athletes. Everyone is welcome!

  • When: Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. – 4:30/5 p.m. throughout the winter (depending on weather)
  • Where: Sessions meet on the BMA soccer field
  • Who: Middle/high school athletes at all ability levels